Set Your Product Strategy and Product Vision and Attract More Customers

We can all agree that quality product development helps drive marketing channels toward success, but what is needed from the product team to successfully market and develop compelling messaging? A product strategy and vision!

This session will share the groundwork for creating a quality product development plan that includes a defined product strategy and a product vision, allowing you to drive brand awareness and sales in new and existing markets.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Work more closely with product partners on the product marketing roadmap
  • Explain a product strategy and a product vision and make improved marketing decisions
  • Approach strategy and vision in an iterative product or a “”zero to 1″” product

Who should attend? Marketers who want to form beneficial partnerships with their product team should attend this talk. If you don’t have a product team, you’ll learn how to bootstrap product strategy and vision in your marketing.

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