Keeping Up with the Post-Pandemic World of eCommerce

The pandemic caused an undeniable seachange in consumer acceptance of eCommerce. Such an extreme consumer shift would typically take a decade. This has brands scrambling to create their optimal online strategy in an even more competitive landscape. Mathieu Champigny, Group CEO of Cocreativ: Industrial Color, Smashbox Studios, and Globaledit, will show you the tools and strategies to quickly evolve your eCommerce to meet the high expectations of today’s post-pandemic consumer. Relying on his expertise for iconic brands like Casper, L’Oreal, John Hardy, Estee Lauder and Black+Decker, Champigny will leave you with the knowledge you need to keep up with the post-pandemic world of eCommerce.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan a high-impact eCommerce campaign strategy
  • Deliver engaging content that converts
  • Apply tips for eCommerce production execution: video, photography, CGI and post-production
  • Meet consumer expectations and determine what the online consumer experience should look like
  • Understand the Evolution of the Marketing Matrix; putting it all together