Move on From Traditional Influencer Marketing

With rising industry concerns over ad blockers, programmatic and the efficacy of digital ads, brands are dedicating more and more budget to social campaigns involving brand advocacy and influencers. However, concerns are rampant over content “authenticity,” and influencer campaigns rarely reach their full potential. The good news is that powerful brand advocacy and influencer strategies have just now started to emerge. In this session, you will learn how, by optimizing influencers’ creativity, insights, content, and their relationships with their followers/your consumer, you can address market problems and achieve higher ROI’s.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the most creative and trend-setting (not just trendy!) influencers, and allow them to emerge as the new Mad Men
  • Incorporate influencers into everything from product ideation and testing to trendspotting and campaign development
  • Deploy large armies of influencers, combined with real-world events, to produce deep engagement from their follower/your consumer that goes beyond likes and comments
  • Achieve higher ROI’s not just in influencer campaigns, but also in digital ad buys and other spends by integrating influencers