Infuse Fresh Thinking into Your Marketing Strategy: Harness the Power of MBA Students Through Education-Business Collaborations

Marketing has always been a fast-moving discipline but since the pandemic, marketers have had to think differently and pivot quickly. From adapting to new business models, changing campaigns on the fly, adjusting to a hybrid workforce, understanding radically different buying behavior and keeping up on the latest media consumption trends, marketers can use some outside the box ideas.

What better way to infuse new thinking into your organization than partnering with a team of MBA students? There are a number of highly ranked universities that are hungry to connect their MBA students with business to help solve business issues. This session will discuss how to form beneficial education-business partnerships for the first 20 minutes and then answer questions that attendees have for the remaining 10 minutes.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how companies, from startups to fortune 1000, benefited from university collaborations
  • Gain insight on how to approach collaborating with a university
  • Identify local universities and business partners that can connect you to MBA students to bring a fresh perspective to your marketing

Who should attend? This session is for marketers who are interested into tapping into a hotbed of talent to help infuse new ideas into their marketing strategies.