The Future B2B Marketing: Trends For The Contrarian Marketer

LinkedIn’s Market Development Team is an internal R&D team for ideas around the future of B2B Marketing. Each year we have hundreds of meetings with the smartest B2B marketers and discover the contrarian ideas – concepts that are not obvious but very powerful – we believe will be shaping the future of B2B marketing over the next few years. This is less about drones and AI and more about tangible mental models you can apply to your business today and win big.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why making lots of small bets with your marketing budget will cost you big
  • Realize how optimizing for CTR will make you miss out on your best audiences
  • Discover why “replication” is the most underrated word in B2B marketing
  • Develop repeatable B2B marketing success with simple mental model
  • Realize you’re more of a brand marketer than you thought you were