Surviving the Business Apocalypse. Transforming into a Courage Brand.

52% of the Fortune 500 since 2000 are extinct. Half the S&P 500 is predicted to be replaced over the next decade and 9000 brands will revolve on and off the Fortune 500 over the next six decades. Yet, there’s a lack of urgency to address these callous realities. Ryan Berman, founder of Courageous, has devoted 3 years interviewing many of the most courageous people on the planet including Astronauts, Navy SEALs, Tornado Chasers and bullish business leaders from Amazon, Apple, Dominos, Google and Method. In this session, he shares his learnings on how any being or brand can side-step stasis, liberate from competition and transform into a Courage Brand.

After this discussion, you’ll be able to:

  • Utilize a modern day, step-by-step framework to becoming a Courage Brand (P.R.I.C.E.)
  • Overcome the clarity epidemic we currently find ourselves in
  • Begin to identify, address and overcome your largest corporate business fears
  • Deliver a ‘Return On Courage’