Battle of Micro-Storytelling: Winning With the ‘Stories’ Format

Over the last several years Snapchat stole the scene when it comes to engaging with young consumers. Instagram’s launch of its ‘Stories’ functionality followed by Facebook’s addition of Stories into its core mobile app—both a direct hit to Snapchat—has left many marketers now questioning how to quickly master this micro-storytelling format and where to spend their time, budget, and creative energy. If Stories is the new Newsfeed it matters less which platform you focus on and instead how your brand is adapting to this new content format reality. This session will teach how marketers can effectively leverage the storytelling capabilities and unique features of each platform.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Integrate Snapchat and Instagram Stories into your social strategy to drive business with younger consumers
  • Determine how your brand can scale its micro-storytelling content efforts even with a small team
  • Create compelling micro-storytelling content regardless of industry
  • Apply the latest best practices in on-demand Snapchat geofilters—from graphics and pricing to strategic targetinge