Can You Hear Me Now? Incorporating Audio Into Your Marketing Plan

If we’re being honest, we probably can’t recall the last time we read something without “skimming” over at least a part of it. But what if it were read to you out loud while you were commuting to work, working out, or running errands? With modern technology, including smart speakers everywhere, an old-school yet cutting-edge marketing tactic is resurging: audio.

The question facing many marketers is how to capitalize on the podcasting trend and add audio to the marketing mix. The world of sound is immediate, portable, affordable, customizable, and accessible wherever you go. The trick is in knowing when and how to create your strategy. This session will provide a framework for incorporating audio into your marketing plan.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify new uses for audio throughout your marketing mix
  • Effectively use audio to build new audiences and better engage with current audiences
  • Define and defend audio KPIs to key stakeholders