Advanced Storytelling for Marketers: How to Tell Your Story that Achieves Quantifiable Results

Every marketer knows you’re supposed to tell a story, but do you know how to tell a story? Do you know why you’re supposed to tell a story? Do you even truly know what a story is? While many marketing presentations emphasize the value of mythic storytelling, the nuts and bolts of actually constructing a story are never explored.

“When a person reads a story, their brain chemistry actually changes. The brain releases oxytocin and reduces cortisol and pain. The physiological and psychological effects of storytelling are undeniable.” – Tom Shapiro, Rethink Lead Generation

The goal of marketing may be to achieve specific KPIs that drive sales, which is very objective, but the top of the marketing funnel requires a softer approach. In our data-driven results-oriented fast-paced world, marketers must quantify results, but those results will never be achieved unless prospects are first approached with humanity.

There is a common misunderstanding that the so-called “soft skills” of marketing such as language and art are unmeasurable and subjective, but while the objective measures of market research are merely 100 years old, the rules of aesthetics have been perfected over the last 2,500 years.

Great story construction is a skill that requires significant knowledge and practice. This presentation will be a review of the ancient art of story construction as it applies today and in the (increasingly) near future of the Metaverse.

In this Masterclass we will discuss:

  • Rhetoric – The art of effective communication
  • The Socratic Method – You cannot teach, but you can persuade people to learn
  • Plato’s Cave – You sell products, but you market ideas
  • Aristotle’s Six Dramatic Elements – The secret recipe for marketing stories

Who should attend? This session is for senior marketers who are tasked with creating effective narratives or guiding others in the process. By the end of the session, attendees will have gained the knowledge needed to work storytelling into all phases of the buyer’s journey, and insight into how to measure the effectiveness and results of their campaigns.