The Journey is the Interface – Designing Ecosystems in the Internet of Things

October 26, 2017

Product design and research can often be focused on vetting a singular concept in order to maximize the effectiveness and enjoyability of that product. But in our increasingly connected environment, UX and Market Researchers need to be focused on the interplay of multiple products a user may touch over the course of a particular task or day. Adding complexity to this is how the Internet of Things will exponential increase the connectedness of these ecosystems.

This talk will explore the market forces and design considerations in play as we develop customer ecosystems augmented by the Internet of Things, drawing together relevant theory with practical activities such as Journey Mapping and Field Studies. After the session you’ll be able to:

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the thoughtfulness that should go into the design and marketing of an IoT experience.
  • Leverage traditional UX/CX research techniques to gather market data relevant to the IoT consumer experience
  • Add more agile design and marketing techniques for marketing and marketing IOT products/experiences