Delivering Creative Services in a time of Business Transformation

October 26, 2017

In this post-recession era, organizations are transforming their go-to-market approach to deliver on dramatically changing customer behavior and macroeconomic shifts. This is placing new pressures on marketing organizations to adapt and play a stronger role in pushing forward strategic growth plans. Bottom line: marketers are more accountable for driving business impact than ever before. They must now deliver innovation, experiences and programs that are driving customer value, business ROI, and are ultimately delivering on their organization’s shifting strategic priorities. As the agency landscape adapts to serve this next-generation marketer and the consumers they market to, the holistic approach to creative services is evolving as well.

In this talk, we will explore how design philosophies are adapting in this new world to address the core needs of marketer today, including:

  • How to create dynamic, targeted, predictive & measurable experiences
  • Discussion about the shifting focus from campaigns to content marketing
  • New approaches to experience creation that are cheaper, faster, and more impactful.