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Half-day, interactive workshops devoted to in-depth learning

“So far I have been LOVING this class and learning so much to fill in my gaps of knowledge! I love the view points this Masterclass has shared so far, and we are only half way through!”

Digital Summit Masterclass attendee

October 3, 2022 | 08:30AM – 12:30PM

(Included with Platinum Pass, upgrade required for Main Event Pass)

Digital Summit Masterclasses are the perfect expansion of the core Digital Summit conference experience. Each classroom will be a highly interactive, deep-dive taught by the brightest minds in marketing and technology – on the complex topics and strategies that matter most to your company’s bottom line.

We have these amazing courses available for Digital Summit Los Angeles:

Day 1 Monday, October 03

8:30am - 12:30pm

Advanced Storytelling for Marketers: How to Tell Your Story that Achieves Quantifiable Results

  • Ginger Shimp, SAP
  • Ed Shimp, Writer, Narrator, Video Creator
  • Ginger Shimp
  • Ed Shimp

Every marketer knows you’re supposed to tell a story, but do you know how to tell a story? Do you know why you’re supposed to tell a story? Do you even truly know what a story is? While many marketing presentations emphasize the value of mythic storytelling, the nuts and bolts of actually constructing a story are never explored.

“When a person reads a story, their brain chemistry actually changes. The brain releases oxytocin and reduces cortisol and pain. The physiological and psychological effects of storytelling are undeniable.” – Tom Shapiro, Rethink Lead Generation

The goal of marketing may be to achieve specific KPIs that drive sales, which is very objective, but the top of the marketing funnel requires a softer approach. In our data-driven results-oriented fast-paced world, marketers must quantify results, but those results will never be achieved unless prospects are first approached with humanity.

There is a common misunderstanding that the so-called “soft skills” of marketing such as language and art are unmeasurable and subjective, but while the objective measures of market research are merely 100 years old, the rules of aesthetics have been perfected over the last 2,500 years.

Great story construction is a skill that requires significant knowledge and practice. This presentation will be a review of the ancient art of story construction as it applies today and in the (increasingly) near future of the Metaverse.

In this Masterclass we will discuss:

  • Rhetoric – The art of effective communication
  • The Socratic Method – You cannot teach, but you can persuade people to learn
  • Plato’s Cave – You sell products, but you market ideas
  • Aristotle’s Six Dramatic Elements – The secret recipe for marketing stories

Who should attend? This session is for senior marketers who are tasked with creating effective narratives or guiding others in the process. By the end of the session, attendees will have gained the knowledge needed to work storytelling into all phases of the buyer’s journey, and insight into how to measure the effectiveness and results of their campaigns.

Included with Platinum Passes, upgrade required for Main Event Passes
  • Storytelling

Building the Brand Trifecta: Develop the Three Key Messaging Components that Wins More Work

  • Kate DiLeo, Kate DiLeo Branding
  • Kate DiLeo

Poor brand definition, positioning, and presence lead to a painful lack of buyers. That’s real risk for your bottom line. The good news is you can develop a brand that gets the right prospect to the right table at the right time. This hands-on mastermind will teach you how to pinpoint your brand’s unique tone of voice, surgically define your unique target audiences, uncover key messaging that articulates the most important problem you solve, and subsequently write the core brand components that will compel your audiences to want to buy from you versus the competition.

At the end of this Masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Hone in on your brand’s personality and tone of voice, so that your message authentically sounds and seems like you
  • Define what “ideal” looks like for your target audiences and uncover the bottom-line heart pain you solve for each
  • Develop the three key brand messaging components that provoke the prospect to want to have a conversation with you
  • Clarify how to deploy your brand to get more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy

Who should attend? This session is for marketing leaders who have direct responsibility for developing and implementing a brand strategy in alignment with their organization’s sales and marketing goals.

Included with Platinum Passes, upgrade required for Main Event Passes
  • Branding

Customer Experience: Turning Every Customer into a Hero for Treasure and Glory

  • Michelle Stinson Ross, Feelalytics
  • Michelle Stinson Ross

Words mean very specific things. Over time we often use words for things that they don’t actually mean. Yes, Inigo, we heard you. And just as Inigo Montoya was right about Vizzini’s use of the word “inconceivable,” we often interchange terms like customer experience and user experience when those are two very different things.

In this masterclass, we will take a quick look back at where marketers have been in our understanding of the customer experience, as technology has changed everything from product and service development, to sales, service, and loyalty. You will learn new tactics for looking at your favorite ways to create customer personas, paths to purchase, content, and more with a customer-centered perspective.

At the end of this Masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • Build and use customer personas for more than new content creation
  • Flip the script on the customer journey as we’ve known it to help customers meet their objectives and drive your sales and revenue
  • Ask the right questions at the right moments to understand what’s driving the behaviors you’ve tracked in analytics for decades

Included with Platinum Passes, upgrade required for Main Event Passes
  • Customer Experience

“I’ve never seen a conference go this in-depth, this is awesome!”

Digital Summit Masterclass attendee

What’s Included?

4 hours of deep-dive content, tips, and insights (per Masterclass)

Workbooks from all Masterclasses

Exclusive DS Masterclass Certification

The ROI from a DS Masterclass is unbelievable

We’re already pretty excited about the impact that two core days of Digital Summit is going to have on your business and professional toolkit.

But add the Masterclass day? Wowee…you’ll be able to unleash exponentially more potential impact in your marketing campaigns, strategy, and customer relationships.

We are confident the number of tangible, actionable things you’ll take away will more than justify the time and money you spend to join us on Masterclass day.

FAQs about our Masterclasses

Hands down, DS Masterclasses go the most in-depth our into topic offerings – ideal for subjects like analytics, content marketing, social media, and CRO that have a lot of complexity and moving pieces to them. Our masterclasses offer a more intimate teacher-student environment to create a highly-specialized learning experience.

The Masterclass is included in the Platinum Pass only. If you’re already registered with a Main Event Pass and would like to add the Masterclass, just select the add-on option on the registration page.

DS Masterclass instructors will typically include a little context-setting content in their lessons but, as a whole, our Masterclasses are designed to be more advanced and highly tactical – ideal for seasoned marketing practitioners from most any company size or industry.

Yes! Our instructors love the interaction with you and facilitating that between you and your fellow attendees. They build multiple interactive exercises and Q&A opportunities throughout the day.

Yes! All Masterclasses will be available post-event to rewatch. We’ll send out an email post event with instructions on how to access.

Not at all – you’re welcome to attend whichever session you’d like. Feel free to jump in and out of sessions during the event as well.