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Los Angeles, CA – April 10-11, 2019

The definitive digital marketing gathering


Eye-opening Days


Excited Attendees


Actionable Sessions


Minutes of Content


Amazing Keynotes


Early confirmed thought leaders and visionaries include...

Randi Zuckerberg - Zuckerberg Media
Randi Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg Media
Dave Isbitski - Amazon
Dave Isbitski
Chief Evangelist, Amazon
Sarah Amos
Tim Degner - Nike
Tim Degner
Sandya Magge
Rob Lawson - Google
Rob Lawson
Finola Austin - Refinery29
Finola Austin
Rand Fishkin - The Wizard of Moz
Rand Fishkin
Samantha Surface - Reebok
Samantha Surface
Curtis Midkiff - Southwest Airlines
Curtis Midkiff
Southwest Airlines
Noelle LaCharite - Microsoft
Noelle LaCharite
Robert Rose - Content Marketing Institute
Robert Rose
Content Marketing Institute

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“My experience at Digital Summit was invaluable in more ways than I could ever explain.”


“Already in 1 day been well worth the money with the wealth of information learned & people I have connected with!”


“Can you see the smoke coming from my ears? My brain is on fire from all this great knowledge!”


“Is it bad that I kinda want to treat @DigitalSummits like Panic or the Dead and follow their tour?”


“There’s nothing quite as inspiring as meeting and learning from the best in the industry!”


“This has definitely been the most informative conference, and WOW! It’s only Day 1”


“I’m excited to implement every idea that was sparked at @DigitalSummits.”


“Awesome, engaging conference. Great job!”


“Had a great time, learned a lot, and left @DigitalSummits feeling smarter. Can’t wait for next year!”


“@DigitalSummits never disappoints.”


“I had such an intense amount of thinking, dreaming, and learning at @DigitalSummits.”


“Had a B L A S T with @DigitalSummits. Great conference, organizers, attendees!”


Join us at Digital Summit Los Angeles 2019